7 Smart Money Saving Ideas Revealed

Pack your own food and water money saving tips

Are you on a tight budget? Do you often see yourself short of cash in times of need? Do you want to maximize your savings while still having all the fun?

In this post we will reveal some super simple and smart ways of saving money on a daily basis. You would be surprised to find yourself with some free money at the end of the month when you really need it.

Don’t live in the darkness of low cash … let’s turn on the lights.


1. Avoid Impulsive Buying
Avoid impulsive buying money saving tips

SALE!!! – Jeans at 20% OFF.
Buy one get one 50% OFF shoes!!
Heavily discounted designer bags for 40% OFF!!!

Is this mouth watering for you? Have your pupils ever dilated on seeing such offers? Do you often feel the temptation of buying discounted stuff hard to resist?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions then you are an Impulsive Buyer.

Buying stuff on sale which you don’t really need may seem satisfying for a short while and it may feel as if you are pampering yourself. But it leads to a lot of unnecessary clutter in your life and eats up on your savings – without you even realizing it. Stores take advantage of impulsive buyers by strategically placing products where they are likely to pick them up.

So the next time you have the urge to pick up that chocolate or that gum while waiting in the checkout line, ask yourself – Do I really need this thing? What would happen if I don’t buy this now?


2. Use Technology
Use technology money saving tips

Don’t just use your phone to play games – use it to earn money for you!

With millions of free apps for every imaginable task it is no surprise that there are apps that could earn real hard cash for you.

Going out shopping? Why not use apps like RetailMeNot and CouponCabin which give you free discount coupons for shoes, clothing, food, etc.

Just came back from shopping? Now let your shopping receipt do the magic for you. With apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51 you can simply scan your receipt and get cashback.

Running low on fuel? Use GasBuddy to find the cheapest gas near you.


3. Always Compare Prices
Always compare prices money saving tips

Tom wanted to buy a pair of BLUE jeans. He simply walked into the store, picked up the jeans, paid the full price of $60 and walked away happily.

Tom’s friend Dick noticed that the same BLUE jeans is being sold at two nearby stores – one is selling it for $60 while the other for $50. He quickly bought the jeans from the second store for $50 and walked out happier knowing that he paid $10 less than his friend.

Their third friend Harry paid just $40 for the same jeans. How? Simple. He bought it online at a discount.

Moral of the story: Always compare prices both in-store and online. You never know where discounts may be lurking.


4. Sell Unused Stuff
Sell unused stuff money saving tips

De-clutter. De-own. Minimalize.

More and more people nowadays are opting to own less and less stuff in order to de-clutter their homes and their lives. Owning less stuff translates to less stress and more productivity. Let your homes breathe, let your lives be more carefree and let your pockets be heavier.

So what are your thinking? Go ahead and sell that old chair that has started to creak.


5. Pack Your Own Food And Water On Trips
Pack your own food and water money saving tips

Happiness is homemade.

A major burden on our savings is our tendency to eat outside food. Along with our savings it drains our body too. Even after knowing this we tend to spend a huge amount of money on unhealthy junk food, especially on trips.

Packing our own food and water will not only save money it will also save us the hassle of finding eating places in remote areas like national parks. You could start off with the healthy habit of packing homemade food for your school, office and on flights too.

Now we know why our parents and grandparents always packed their own food and water on trips.


6. Stop Wasting Resources
Stop wasting resources money saving tips

We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to.

Wastage of resources is wastage of money too. You would be surprised to know how much monthly savings you can get by using your household water, gas and electricity in a smarter way.

You can start by turning off the extra lights which are not being used. You can also reduce the usage of air conditioning and heating by isolating the rooms which really need them. Did you know that electricity is cheaper during non-peak hours, like at night? So it makes sense to use devices which draw more power like irons, washers and dryers at night.


7. Enjoy The Free Things In Life
Enjoy free things money saving tips

When a weekend is approaching and you are not in a mood to spend a lot of money, you don’t have to worry because the best things in life are free!

You can plan an evening stroll with your loved one on the beach, or go hiking up a mountain with your friends, or grab a pair of binoculars and go bird watching, or simply take out your camera and capture the evening sunset colors – the number of things you can do for free is mind-boggling, you just need to look around.

For example, if you are planning to visit San Diego anytime soon then don’t forget to checkout our recommended list of the Top 10 Free Things To Do in San Diego.

If last summer you were mesmerized by the beauty of a national park then do not think that this winter it will be the same – because nature changes everyday! So you can visit the same place during different times of the year and imbibe a different facet of the place each time.


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