The Best Ways Of Taking Care Of Sensitive Eyes

Beauty is how you feel on the inside, and it reflects in your eyes.
— Sophia Loren

That’s true! Eyes are the silent messengers of the body. They reveal when you are happy, sad or even confused. But let’s be frank – nowadays the bags under our eyes reveal that we are constantly glued to our computers, cell phones, and tablets. The craze of social media, bundled with an already hectic lifestyle, ensure that our eyes have become more delicate and sensitive. Thus we need to take extra care of our eyes.

In this post, we will open your eyes to how easy and fun it can be to take care of your sensitive eyes.


1. Exposure to Sunlight

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When you have sensitive eyes it becomes harder to go out in the sun. Always ensure that you wear good quality sunglasses whenever you go out.


2. Proper Sleep

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You already know that you need proper sleep for a healthy body and mind. If you find it difficult to fall asleep every night then make sure you find out the cause. Lack of sleep may cause eye fatigue which may ultimately result in dark circles and even more sensitive eyes. When you have a sound sleep your eyes wake up more refreshed and rejuvenated.


3. Reading Habits

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A lot of people have the habit of reading in a moving vehicle while on their way to work or school. But not many know that it’s very harmful to your eyes as the moving vehicle causes words to go out of focus and your eyes need to continuously adjust. This may quickly tire your eye muscles. Instead, always find a comfortable place to read – be it a favorite corner of your home, a library or even at the beach.


4. Eye Hygiene

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If you get something in your eye, never try to remove it with your hands. Your hands can often be loaded with bacteria which can irritate your eyes and cause eye infections. Always flush out your eyes with fresh, cold water instead.


5. Eye Focus

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If your work involves spending a lot of time on your computer or phone then make sure you take a break every 20 minutes. Prolonged focus on nearby objects can lead to tensed eye muscles. You can go out for a walk or drive, and try to look at far away objects.


6. Adequate Rest

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How many times have you tried to go to bed on time but found yourself glued to your phone even after a couple of hours? If you are in the habit of staring at your smartphone before falling asleep, it may affect the retina of your eye which can lead to transient smartphone blindness. Make sure to avoid using your cell phone at least one hour before going to bed.


7. Eye Wear

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The cornea is one of the most delicate parts of the eye. Excessive use of contact lenses causes corneal abrasion which may lead to thinning of the cornea. If you are experiencing sore, tired or burning eyes then avoid wearing lenses and prefer glasses instead.


8. Eye Irritation

eye care tips allergy dry eyes pain red tired fatigue eye irritation

Cucumber has natural astringent and cooling properties which act as a great remedy for tired and burning eyes. You can even apply ice packs for the same effect. Your eyes are one of the most delicate parts of your body, remember to never rub them.


9. Eye Makeup

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With so many products in the market these days, women are finding it harder to resist trying out different types of makeup. Applying makeup close to the waterline of the eye can cause the chemicals in the product to leach out, which may ultimately lead to sensitive eyes. It’s best to use hypo-allergic products or apply makeup away from the waterline of the eye.


We are sure you must be already aware of many of the ideas we listed above. Take this post as a reminder to never neglect your eyes, for they are your window to the wonders of this beautiful world.



  1. Such great tips! I have sensitive eyes, but also eyesight that I’m not comfortable wearing my glasses instead of contacts.

    Molly // Miss Molly Moon

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