Top 10 Funny Definitions Of Everyday Words

humor funny definitions chicken only creatures eaten before birth and after death cover pic

Life is better when you are laughing.

There is laughter hidden inside everything – we just need to bring it out. Look around you. Do you see anything that makes you laugh? No? What if we tell you that things which we often overlook or take for granted can make us laugh? Yes, common everyday words can be made funny if seen from a different angle.

We present you the funniest re-definitions of common everyday words. With these hilarious definitions, who needs a joke to laugh?



humor funny definitions zoo place allotted animals study human behavior
A place allotted for animals to study human behavior.


humor funny definitions yawn honest opinion openly expressed
An honest opinion openly expressed.


humor funny definitions wrinkles people search carefully get upset when find them
Something people search carefully for. And then get upset when they find them.


humor funny definitions specialist knows everything about something nothing anything else
One who knows everything about something, and nothing about anything else.


humor funny definitions conclusion place tired of thinking
The place where you get tired of thinking.


humor funny definitions chicken only creatures eaten before birth and after death
The only animals we eat before they are born, and after they die.


humor funny definitions cannibal fed up people
Someone who is fed up with people.

Beauty Parlor

humor funny definitions beauty parlor women curl up dye
A place where women curl up and dye.


humor funny definitions adult person stopped growing horizontally vertically
Someone who has stopped growing vertically and is now growing horizontally.


humor funny definitions actor person struggle famous dark glasses avoid recognition
A person who struggles all his life to become famous. And then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized.

So can you think of any other funny definitions of common words? Let us know below in the comments section.